Learning Arabic is suddenly so much easier when you discover .....

"The Secret Lessons To Rapidly Learn Arabic
And Receive Rapturous Applause From Amazed Native Arabic Speakers"


"Believe it or not ... you don't need any magical language learning powers to impress your friends, work colleagues or business partners with your knowledge of Arabic....
You'll converse and communicate confidently when you follow a proven, step-by-step lesson plan...
Time-saving shortcuts you need to quickly learn Arabic for any scenario ... business, travelling, studying and having every native Arabic speaker you meet impressed and intrigued by your skills in their language..."

Ahmed Abdullah

Teacher of Arabic in colleges throughout the middle east and creator of Breaking The Arabic Code.

Salam Aleikum. Ahlan Wa Sahlan.

Learning Arabic can be hard, can't it?

I know because I have met many students who tell me so. But I made it easy for them.

You want to be able to converse confidently when you travel, do business, study or even speak with family or friends who know Arabic.

After all, how exciting will it be to:

  • Say hello, order food, travel and have everyday discussions in flawless Arabic

  • Make new friends because you can speak 'their' language

  • Have an advantage in your business because your Arabic skills impresses colleagues and customers

But you're not sure where to start.

You know there must be secrets to learning Arabic quickly and accurately....and your suspicion is correct because ....

As you read this letter carefully you'll quickly see how easy to follow lessons and software is about to tick 'i have to learn Arabic' off your to-do list for good.

Because no matter how much experience you have had trying to learn Arabic, or the difficulties you have had with studying Arabic in the past ...

You're about to discover how to ...

"Rapidly Learn Correct Arabic..."

Wow everybody you speak to and turn your conversations in Arabic into a personal triumph your remember for months.

Best of all, you'll do it....

..... without being worried about making mistakes

..... without worrying if you will be understood

..... and without having to rely on anyone else to help you

Fact is, the skills people have to speak another language fluently isn't something they are born with.

To communicate with native Arabic speakers, you simply need to follow the little known secrets I am about to guide you on. But before I do that, I'm sure part of you is thinking....

"Me..? Speak Arabic Confidently ... You're Joking, Right..."

You're right to ask ... is this really possible?

If I hadn't seen for myself how far my students have progressed in such a short time, I wouldn't believe it either. In other words, I know how you feel.

Just don't let your natural scepticism stand between you and this unique skill.

No one serious about learning Arabic would turn their back on this Arabic language course and here's why ...

"There's A Long, Difficult Road To Becoming A Confident And Proficient Arabic Speaker ... And Then There's A Secret Shortcut .... And I'm About To Hand You That Shortcut..."

A set of proven Arabic lessons and course materials that anybody can use, regardless of experience, to give you skills in Arabic that you have been craving.

That's why I have called this language course ...

‘Breaking The Arabic Code.’

Merhaba! Ahmed Abdullah here ...

And I haven't always published Arabic language courses on the internet.

For a number of years ... starting in 1993, I have learnt how best to teach students Arabic by being a language tutor in good and bad Arabic language schools throughout the middle east.

And let me tell you .... (like you didn't know already)

....... with the wrong lessons, people find it hard to learn Arabic

It can be hard to learn grammar, remember vocabulary and useful phrases.

But with the right teacher ... and a well structured lesson plan ....

You can find learning Arabic fun and amazingly effective.

I discovered how to get the best out of my students and they got the best out of themselves. I broke the Arabic code, and I want to tell you about it, but first I want to ask you ...

What's YOUR plan to increase your proficiency and knowledge in speaking and understanding Arabic?

Speak confidently ...

Learn lots of vocabulary and grammar ...

Learn quickly and efficiently ...

Should you enrol in a 'bad' Arabic language school like I used to teach in ... or download an unproven and expensive Arabic program from the internet and just hope you are learning 'correct Arabic' ?

Or will you join me and my students in breaking the Arabic code ....

"Unlocking The Secrets To Quickly Learning And Speaking The Arabic Language"

Because faster than you can say 'ahlan wa sahlan', the secret shortcuts I want to give you will remove any doubts or nerves you have about speaking impressive Arabic.

In fact, in any scenario you want to have Arabic knowledge for, you will soon be desperate to show off your Arabic skills.

Anisa will tell you ... when she contacted me to tell me she was struggling to learn Arabic after trying so may different courses ...

"I Was Struggling and Unhappy With My Progress In Arabic .... "

But with Ahmed's help, I have been really enjoying learning Arabic. Now I travel throughout the Arab world and make friends.

As a result, I learnt the vocabulary I needed to be able to begin a new business buying and selling Arabic jewellery.

Anisa Naon - Student of Arabic

To put it simply: don't just get ready to hear lots of "ah, you speak Arabic" ... prepare to say "ma'assalama" to ...

"The Scary And Humiliating Doomsday Scenario Keeping Arabic Students Awake At Night"

When I began teaching Arabic, student after student would tell me almost the exact same Arabic speaking nightmare.

It begins innocently enough ...

You realise you are in a situation where you are about to put your Arabic knowledge to the test. Perhaps you say "hello", you are greeted with warm smiles.

Nothing too serious yet. But stay with me ...

Because no matter how much you want to speak well ... and how studying a good Arabic program is to achieving it ... nothing can make you more nervous than ...

"A Group Of Native Arabic Speakers Waiting To Hear What Else You Have To Say"

Before you know it you're ...

  • Forgetting what to say ... as someone in the group says "I thought they could speak Arabic?"

  • Saying the wrong thing ... and getting strange looks from people close by

  • Starting to go bright red ... as more people join the group and start to laugh

Leaving you staring at the ceiling in bed ....

Sure you want the earth to swallow you up faster than a whirling dervish.

It's not a pretty picture ... and if you're asking ...

Could this nightmare come true for me?

I want to tell you ...

From my teaching experience working with students from a wide range of skill levels and backgrounds .... odds are you'll do just fine. Probably far better than you think. Largely because you are about to discover ...

"Why Being Nervous About Speaking Arabic Is Actually GOOD..."

First of all ... nerves are perfectly natural.

Even fluent Arabic speakers get them. So, if you are worried about how your first public use of Arabic will be received .... you are in great company!

The good news is ...

Like turning lemons into lemonade ... you can effortlessly turn your nerves into 'ready to speak' flawless Arabic. The secret is knowing some of the main phrases you can learn in 5 minutes or less.

It may sound funny ... but I can show you this because I didn't give up on my nervous and unmotivated students.

I had a responsibility to teach them and I'm glad I did because what happened next amazed me ...

And the lesson I taught them, taught me a lesson I've never forgotten.

To be really confident and motivated in your Arabic studies ...

"I've Put Together A Step-By-Step Arabic Language Course That Makes It Easy For You To Confidently Read, Write And Speak Arabic And Be Proficient In Super Quick Time..."

Introducing ...

"Breaking The Arabic Code - The Secret Shortcuts To Quickly Learning Arabic"

An Arabic language learning course based around a proven academic curriculum that gives you a fast track to learning Arabic ... and most importantly ... makes learning fun and enjoyable.

Here's How It Works:

As soon as you have Breaking The Arabic Code you will be able to start speaking Arabic immediately. At your own pace, you will learn all the correct phrases and vocabulary for many every day situations in the arab world.

I have designed the course to enable you to easily speak with native Arabic speakers in places such as restaurants, hospitals, airports and with families and friends. You can move around the easy-to-follow modules, print them out and jump right in at any point.

Even if you only focus 20 or 30 minutes on each module you will come out the other end feeling confident if someone asks you about your Arabic knowledge.

This course is a fascinating and rich set of Arabic language course materials. Here's a taste of what you will receive:

  • An overwhelming amount of content. Over 1000 study examples of grammar, phrases and vocabulary

  • A well structured and organised course. 10 instantly downloadable PDF ‘Breaking The Arabic Code’ language course books.

  • The secrets to accurate pronunciation. Every word in every codebook is transliterated so you can make accurate pronunciations.

  • Clear Arabic typesetting. Every word and expression is also written in Arabic so you can successfully learn how to read and write.

What You Will Receive When You Buy The Course:

Book 1: Letters and Numbers 

  • All the Arabic characters with explanation on pronunciation and examples of how they are written.

  • Arabic numbering, pronunciation and characters




Book 2: Forming Sentences

  • Over 50 detailed examples showing you how to form sentences

  • For the advanced reader you are shown the use of interrogations, demonstrations, prepositions and conjugations




Book 3: Verbs

  • Over 200 standard verbs;

  • Over 200 examples of how to say ‘to have’, ‘to be’ and ‘to do’ in the past present and future tenses.

  • Over 200 examples of negative verbs, interrogative verbs, negative interrogative verbs, infinitive verbs and adverbs



Book 4: Time, Ages and Weather

  • Complete instruction on writing about the days, months and seasons

  • 18 different ways to say and write about the division of time

  • Over 20 examples of how to write and say the time plus use time within the context of your everyday Arabic conversation




Book 5: Nouns

Over 40 pages packed with over 500 indispensable nouns that you have to study to boost your Arabic vocabulary. Each page delivers the key nouns to help you have a full conversation using the most appropriate nouns to cover categories such as:

  • The home and furniture

  • Meals, food, ingredients, fruit, grains and vegetables

  • Clothing and accessories

  • Human life and the human body

  • Heath and illness



Book 6: Business, Studying & Government

The critical vocabulary and dialogue you need to get by when living, travelling, working and studying in an Arabic speaking country. This mandatory course covers:

  • over 50 translations for all the key professions and skills and trades

  • over 50 translations for all vocabulary related to schools and studying

  • over 50 translations for all vocabulary needed when dealing with the government and legal systems

Book 7: Adjectives

Over 200 vocabulary swelling adjectives that will add depth and richness to your Arabic language:

  • how to write and speak using possessive adjectives

  • all examples give both masculine and feminine versions of adjectives



Book 8: Everyday Dialogue

  • The vocabulary and conversation guide to living day to day in an Arabic speaking country.

  • With this guide you will have at your disposal over 200 words and phrases to help you when meeting people, attending ceremonies or when you are simply out shopping.



Book 9: Basic Grammar

Give yourself a headstart with an indepth guide to Arabic grammar. This book covers everything you need to know about:

  • masculine and feminine part of language

  • singular and plural

  • definite and indefinite articles



Book 10: Sentences & Simple Language

  • The kick-start guide to speaking and writing Arabic sentences and simple language.

  • Over 20 pages containing over 150 useful phrases that will help you speak with and engage with the local people in their beautiful Arabic language.





Since I first offered Breaking The Arabic Code I've made some major improvements ...

Biggest being, I've added learning software.

When you receive the whole course you will get access to our INCREDIBLE Arabic language learning software. With our software you will be able to LEARN and UNDERSTAND 100s of phrases and vocabulary and take part in quizzes and tests of your learning! There is a HUGE dictionary with HEAR IT - SPEAK IT audio buttons

Fact is though, even before i made these obvious upgrades I was hearing praise for Breaking The Arabic Code like this ...

"Now Learning Arabic All Just Makes Sense! Now I'm Looking Forward To Travelling ..."
Thank you so much Ahmed for your expertise. You have structured this course well and it all just makes sense!
The Breaking The Arabic Code materials have prepared me - and will accompany me - on my journey in the Arab world. 
Russell  Woollen, UK - Gap Year Traveller

Even Hesham who wanted to study Modern Standard Arabic, was surprised by how much he discovered that he didn't know ...

"If I Had Never Studied Arabic Before I Would Feel Well Educated After Taking This Course ..."
Shukran Jazilan Ya Ahmed!

I always have my printed copies with me and the classical arabic phrases come in very useful.

Thanks for updating the course to include your new software.
It is important for me to stay strong to learn classical arabic but inshallah with your help i will be able to learn quickly.
Hesham Mohammed, Morocco

And like Hesham, it doesn't matter if you're an experienced veteran or completely new to learning Arabic ...

Get ready to be amazed by these bonuses:

Speaking The Secrets - Speak Arabic with crystal clear pronunciation thanks to this secret that other Arabic language courses won't teach you.

The Key Scroll - One of the most powerful - and a little known WEIRD fact - that can help you learn Arabic and ANY other language quickly.

"Very Straightforward"
I found the course very straightforward, full of actionable detail and provided lots of information missing from other courses.

- Wendy Smith, Marketing Manager EMEA
"This Is Actually Fun!"
As someone who spends a lot of time on business in the middle east i needed help on learning Arabic.
Ahmed's course helped me learn a significant amount of Arabic.
Ahmed's course is comprehensive and straighforward ... and its actually fun!

- Mike John, Graduate Intern

"Wow! - Have You Really Learnt That Much Arabic? ..."

You have marvelled like everyone else at those 'makeover' TV shows. Someone teams up with a proven fitness expert and sooner than they ever expect, everyone is cheering their remarkable results.

And this is important because I'm not done. I want to make sure you get ALL the help and assistance you need to make you impress everyone you meet with your Arabic language skills.

Because ...

"The Goal Isn't A Short Term Boost In Your Arabic Skills .... It Is Much More Than That!

You Are Going To Remove Studying Arabic Off Your Worry List Today, Tomorrow ... Forever!"

Which is why ...

.... For a limited time I'm including in the course the ability for you to have my personal email address and contact me for help on any part of the course

I will help you with any of the course books included in the course. Perhaps you want clarification on grammar or vocabulary. Perhaps you need more tips to improve your pronunciation. I will help you to improve your Arabic so you will have confidence for many years to come.

I really enjoy the relationship I have with my students, meet Ian who made great improvements with his Arabic ...

"The Coaching Greatly Exceeded My Expectations .... I Totally Improved Via The Email Support"

Hey Ahmed. Thanks for your email, i am happy to say that I am totally improving my Arabic thanks to your emails. I am enjoying the course and it is helping me with my studies in Syria.

Ian Priestman, USA - Student

And like Ian, you are going to receive my support that will leave you feeling you have been really listened to ... Derek will back me up on this ...

"Helpful And Valuable"
I have really found the course detailed and good value for money.
The support from Ahmed has been helpful and valuable.
I have been living and working in the Middle East and this Arabic course was fundamental to enabling me to do so as English is not widely spoken here.”

Derek Chigley - Businessman, UK

What kind of support I give you is really up to you.

And one more thing ....

Don't be surprised if I contact you a couple of weeks after you start the course .. I love to hear how my students are doing and I'll be wanting to hear about your progress.

If you are ready to start learning Arabic with me, get signed up now, because unfortunately there are only ...

"Limited Personal Support Slots Available"

I'll explain why in a moment.

First though let me tell you the price of the course.

You are probably thinking that the kind of proven Arabic tuition and learning materials I'm offering today isn't going to come cheap....but I bet when I tell you how much this is going to cost it'll be a pleasant surprise.

But first let me ask you ...

What would it be worth to you to finally be confident and proficient in Arabic ... capable of impressing friends, family, business colleagues .. as well as becoming part of the 'Arabic speaking world'?

The cost to achieve this in Arabic language schools is over $5000 and would take years to complete.

You have seen the cost of other language programs on the internet run to over $500 and I know they aren't as effective as my course.

So we already know you are not going to pay $5000. And $500 on an unproven language program from the internet is a steep investment.

Like I said earlier, I want to finally make the essential Arabic language skills readily accessible to everyone. That's why ....

You can currently claim your complete course of the 10 book Breaking The Arabic Code for only $39.95. But I have to warn you this price is a limited time discount on the usual price of $69.95.

But I'm not done yet ...

When you claim your copy of the 10 Book Breaking The Arabic Code Course, you can also secure the new learning software upgrade for free and one of the limited support coaching slots I have available.

The normal price of the software is usually $89.95, but for purchasing Breaking The Arabic Code i want to extend to you this limited time free offer and include my dedicated support to your learning.

However, my generosity comes with a small catch ...

In return, all I ask is that you write a short testimonial after you have started studying the course - as other students on this page have done - documenting the progress you have been enjoying.

Sign up to the course quick as I can only offer the discounted software upgrade and support slots for a short time.

But, I know you are asking this question: 

"What Happens If This Course Doesn't Help Me?" 

Breaking The Arabic Code has been proven to improve the Arabic of all our students, from beginner to advanced. It is a much more enjoyable and effective course than other forms of learning Arabic. But, if you are thinking, 'what if it doesn't work for me?'

Real Results Or Your Money Back
I know times are tough.
To protect your investment you have my personal 60 day money back guarantee.

You can take up to 60 days to use Breaking The Arabic Code.

You can use the software and read the books to help you with your Arabic language learning. If you are not satisfied you will not lose any money. Just contact us and we will refund your full purchase price.
60 day money back guarantee - no hard feelings!

You're right. Someone could easily rip me off with this kind of guarantee. It's true they could.

But I'm not concerned about it. You can see by my testimonials that all my students are delighted with their progress from studying my course.

The actions of a few unsavoury characters wont stop me from making your purchase totally risk free.

So ... are you ready to Break The Arabic Code?

If you have read this far, it's obvious you are committed to serious Arabic study.

The next step is to choose which course option and I'll guide you from there ....

Breaking The Arabic Code Books and **FREE** Software Upgrade Package With Support Coaching. 

You will receive instantly:
- 10 language course books
- Free Talk Arabic Now learning software upgrade
- Support and coaching
- Exclusive bonuses that will speed up your learning from months to just days
60 day money back guarantee - no hard feelings!

Are you still unsure about the course?

Join the club. My student list is full of people who weren't sure they would be able to get to grips with studying Arabic.

Now these same students are fearlessly speaking Arabic and craving for more lessons and tuition from me.

They are confident.

They are passionate.

They aren't intimidated.

But let me explain something else ...

"Breaking The Arabic Code is OUTSTANDING Value For Money!"

Breaking The Arabic Code is an instant download. You don't have to waste time waiting for a package to arrive. This also means that we can offer you the LEARNING MATERIALS without incurring the costs of packaging or shipping. This makes Breaking The Arabic Code THE best priced Arabic language courses around!

  • No shipping or packaging costs saves you money

  • Be learning Arabic in MINUTES with our instant download

  • Don't worry about the course getting lost in the mail or damaged

"Imagine This ..."

Go there in your mind and feel how happy you would be if you knew that learning Arabic was so simple to learn and you would enjoy speaking it for the rest of your life.

For the first time ever ... you would be able to be happy and full of energy practising and studying. You will be energized ... not fearful or disheartened.

And why not ...

You will feel confident when speaking with Arabic speakers

You will learn more than you ever thought you would

You will make quick progress and want to keep learning and practising.

You arrive in an Arabic speaking country ... you confidently greet people. You exchange conversation ... and soon you are off, building relationships, feeling part of the culture and the community. Discovering new things that only your skills in Arabic allow you to ...

"Whilst other people are stuck, stranded by their inability to communicate like you, envious of your ability in Arabic!"

But breakthroughs only happen like this when you decide to act.

I don't want to be too dramatic, but it strikes me this could be one of those moments. One of those rare times when you come to a fork in the road and have to go one way of the other.

So your choice is simple ...

You can keep doing what you are doing.

You can hope that at some point in the future you can improve or start learning Arabic.

And if you chose that path then i sincerely hope you get to where you want to go.

Or ... you can get to where you want to go faster - much faster than you might ever get there on your own.

I've made it easy.

Providing you with some of the best Arabic language tuition i know.

On top of that I want to give you my learning software upgrade and support coaching.

But I can't order for you. That's something you have to do yourself. It's nothing you can't go back on if you need to. My guarantee makes it practically impossible this can't work out well for you.

Yes, Ahmed I Am Ready To Join Your Course

I hope you feel you are ready to begin this fascinating course in the Arabic language, I am available to support you with any help you need in downloading or using the course.

Your Teacher, Ahmed Abdullah

P.S.  I want you to be sure that this is the best Arabic language course for you. If it isn't for you, you have MY guarantee of a no questions asked 60 day refund

P.P.S If you want a quick method to acquire natural ability with Arabic, you need a combination of modern standard Arabic writing combined with clear teaching on pronunciation - Breaking The Arabic Code provides you with both.



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